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  Передовые материалы   Поставка технологических оборудовании   Разработка ИС   Маршрут производства ИС   Передачи технологии производства  

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  Передовые материалы  

Due to our commitment to technical expertise and complete customer satisfaction, Tronic provides the best service to meet customer request and cost effective advanced material solution in semiconductor industry. Tronic supplies a full line of word-class products across a range of semiconductor process, including photoresist, photomasks, chemicals, process gas, PVD target, wafers, cassette, cleanroom consumables, probe card and load board for testing. The high quality products are not only meeting our customers' needs but also with fast delivery to achieve a significant cost-savings to our customers. Besides helping semiconductor manufacturers lower the cost of ownership, Tronic devote itself to reducing environmental impact and improving our customer’s productivity. Tronic is continuing to expand its product and services portfolio and building up our global supply and management system.

Фоторезист (Photoresist)  
Фотошаблоны и Мембранка и Ящик для фотошаблонов
(Photo Mask & Pellicle & Mask Box)
Химреагенты (Chemical) Технологические газы (Process Gas)
Кассета (Cassette) Пластинки (Wafer)
PVD мишень разпыления (PVD Sputter Target)
Плата нагрузок (Load Board) Зондовая плата (Probe Card)
Коллекция одежды для чистых помещений
(Clean room garment, boots, glove, wiper, ESD products)
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