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Tronix Mobile Industrial Systems





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Maximum Mobility Begins Here
Tronic Group ’s Tronix mobile device combines personal computer, telecommunications and consumer electronics with practical applications to serve many different industries. Marketed under our Tronix brand, our expertise in mobile embedded technology allows us to seamlessly integrate hardware, software and firmware to offer a complete mobile computing solution.

Unique in design, our Tronix products are a hybrid of other portable mobile devices with integrated multimedia functions that cater to our customers’ needs. Our mobile and embedded solutions cover a broad spectrum of industrial and business applications, ranging from e-learning tools to vehicle diagnostic tools. Powered by Microsoft Windows XP, it aims to fully equip business users for a myriad of applications and possibilities. And with a 360o rotating screen, individuals can work any way they like, be it left- or right-handed, or to have portrait or landscape views.

As customer’s needs may be very specific, we can also design and develop mobile computing solutions that are tailored to their requirements at the hardware, software or firmware level. To this end, we also provide ODM/OEM/JDM services for our customers. This allows us to adapt our solutions to each customer’s specific circumstances, with software applications that they truly require so as to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

Multi-Faceted Applications For Specific Tasks

Sales Automation

  • Mobile POS

  • Sales advisory and data collection while out in the field


    Automotive Needs

  • In-vehicle diagnostics by engineers and mechanics

  • Ideal for workshop environment with its semi-rugged design


    Education Facility

  • Interactive knowledge-based tool

  • Paperless learning tablet


    Advertising and Marketing

  • Versatile mobile presentation tool for events, exhibitions and fairs

  • Off-site and outdoor data collection and fieldwork


    Medical / Healthcare Use

  • Real-time patient information retrieval and update facility

  • Route navigation through GPS when installed in ambulances


    Logistics / Warehousing

  • Inventory control panel



  • Data access and teleconferencing via WAN, WLAN and Bluetooth


    Manufacturing Service

  • Control panel and system interface device


    Financial Industry

  • 24-hour investment facility


    Fleet Management

  • Tactical maneuvering, deployment and tracking


    And more…


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