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  Advanced Materials Products  
Photoresist Photo Mask & Pellicle & Mask Box
Chemical Process Gas
Cassette Wafer
PVD Sputter Target Load Board
Probe Card
Clean room garment, boots, glove, wiper, ESD products

  Tronic supplies a wide series of photoresist and solution as the followings:
    ◎ For ArF (193nm) Immersion Lithography
◎ For ArF (193nm)
◎ For Electron Beam
◎ For KrF (248nm)
◎ For i-line (365nm)
◎ For g-line (436nm)
◎ Photoresist Stripping Solution
◎ Photoresist Developing Solution
◎ Rinsing Solution
◎ Thinner

Photo Mask & Pellicle &   Mask Box
  The high quality of Photo Masks, Pellicle and Mask Boxes are provided and listed as the followings in detail:
◎Standards (in inches)
  2.5 x 2.5, 3.0 x 3.0, 4.0 x 4.0, 5.0 x 5.0, 6.0 x 6.0, 7.0 x 7.0 inches
◎Low Reflectance Chrome-film Mask Blanks
◎Attenuated Phase Shift Mask Blanks
◎Large Chrome Mask Blanks
◎Semiconductor Pellicle
   I line Pellicle
   Deep UV Pellicle
   ArF Pellicle
◎LCD Pellicle
    Mask Box Pellicle
◎Semiconductor Reticle Box
◎Reticle SMIF Pod
◎LCD Mask Box

  We provide following high purified Chemicals (up to ULSI grade) for wet etching and cleaning process:

Process Gas
  We provide following high purified Gas and CVD precursors:

  Tronic offers a wide selection of products and services designed to address the automation, contamination concerns of the modern fabs, including SMIF pad, wafer shipping/storage boxes.
    ◎SMIF Pod, 6” 8”
◎Cassette : 6” 8”
◎FOUP 12”
◎Reticle SMIF pod

PVD Sputter Target
  Tronic provides the following highest quality PVD sputter target with different size application ( 6”, 8”, 12” ):

  The different size wafers for difference application or devices are provided as the below: (6”, 8”, 12” wafers)
    ◎Polished Wafers
◎Non-Polished Wafers
◎Doped Wafers
◎Epitaxial Wafers
◎Silicon-On-Insulator Wafers (SOI Wafers)

Probe Card
  The probe cards which are applied for manufacturing semiconductor components during wafer CP (chip probing) testing phase are provided as the below:
    ◎Max 32 duts probe card
◎LCD driver probe card
◎Fine pitch probe card

Load Board
  We provide load board for below testing platform:
board: Interface to ATE (automatic testing equipment)

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