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  Sapphire Growing Furnace
Our Joint-venture Tronic Technocrystal is an expert in Sapphire Growing Furnace manufacturing and specialize in auto process technology for growing sapphire crystal ingot. Backed by twenty years of monocrystal industry experience and technical knowhow in producing Sapphire Growing Furnace, Tronic Technocrystal is the competitive choice for a total solution encompassing every aspect of the sapphire growing process.

With Tronic Group’s background in semiconductor process and equipment engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, combined with the monocrystal growing knowledge base of JSC Technocristal, Tronic Technocrystal is uniquely capable of delivering a total solution for your sapphire ingot production needs.

Tronic Technocrystal’s patented Delta-30 series sapphire growing furnaces is designcapable of producing sapphire ingots of high purity and boule mass, with a comparatively low energy- and time throughput. We have a commitment to our customer for maximum return for each investment.

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