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    Tronic crystal growth furnaces fill the gap to accelerate production  
  The picture shows the benefits science and technology through the production of sapphire crystal growth furnace, from left to pass benefits Sapphire Technology CEO Igor Kucheryavy, chairman Dr. Valeriy Gavrilov, Tronic System Vice Chairman Yang Zhi-Ming Pan with the Executive Director. Figure / newspaper profile photo
  • 2011-03-07 01:43
  • Business Times
  • Reporter Wu Ziying / Taipei

Taiwan's first integrated semiconductor crystal growth furnace technology and equipment through benefits technology to mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea three Sapphire Dan Changjing heater suppliers, subject to the urgent needs of LED degree of upstream materials rising, this year is expected to invest millions of dollars The funds will continue to develop Sapphire Dan Changjing furnace equipment shipments expected to reach about 250 to meet the demand of the sapphire substrate market.
Tong Yi Technology was established in Singapore in 1993, began to develop in Russia in 2005 the semiconductor market in 2006 set up a subsidiary in Hsinchu benefits systems technology through 2010, technical cooperation with Ukraine in Singapore, a joint venture of General Yi sapphire technology companies, early 2011 establishment of a Taiwan Sapphire Dan Changjing crystal growth furnace manufacturing plants and process technology team.
According to industry estimates, by 2011 the global installed capacity MOCVD machine (including machine manufacturers pre-order number) will be more than 2,000, the current mass production of about 1,000, with the mainland on the MOCVD machine subsidies may be in June this year maturity, through beneficial technology to Delta-30 Series Sapphire Dan Changjing furnace output purity of 99.997% success Sapphire Dan Changjing.
Science and Technology Vice Chairman Tong Yang Yi system is that the market's MOCVD machine 1 set, about 2 sets to 3 sets with the crystal growth furnace, and through benefits for high-performance equipment to grab market share in the future will allow only 1 set MOCVD with 1.5 units to be 2 sets of crystal growth furnace can be, can greatly enhance the efficiency of crystal growth furnace.

In Taiwan, large sapphire crystal rod plant, such as a subsidiary of USI CROSS optoelectronics, Xin grain drill, American Crystal, co-crystal photovoltaic, semiconductor Dengjun Hisashi significant expansion, but due to the threshold of the sapphire crystal rods are high-tech industries, Although there are lots of companies, but the process of Sapphire Dan Changjing easily affected by many variables yield different products as a result, high prices also led to the sapphire substrate.


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