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  Tronic International has invited
the governor of Russia Nizhniy Novgorod region to promote mutual cooperation and development in semiconductor industry.

Mr. Valery Shantsev, the governor of Russia Nizhniy Novgorod region, was invited by Tronic International. and arrived in Singapore in the end of November. Mr. Valery Shantsev interviewed with Strait Times and told that Nizhniy Novgorod welcome any global technology industry to use the Russia’s local rich and natural resources, technology, manpower, and land to develop new prosperous business.

Russia depends on the export of mineral resource to maintain the economic development, and now is trying to transit into new technology innovation. Nizhniy Novgorod is a city with automotive, aerospace, and other defense technology industry which located 400 kilometers east of Moscow. Mr. Valery Shantsev welcomed warmly that Tronic establishes a 6” FAB project in Nizhniy Novgorod to provide manufacturing equipment and technical support for Russian semiconductor industry.

Mr. Henry Lin, the chairman of Tronic, comes from Taiwan and has devoted to Russian Electrical market for over 15 years. He mentions that Tronic already has involved in Russian semiconductor market for a long time and has set up branch offices in Russia and Taiwan to provide the technology consulting service in semiconductor industry, and has close relationship with Headquarter in Singapore in using its International trade business practice, and with over 30 years of proven technology expertise in Taiwan Semiconductor industry and professional manpower to open the Russian market.

Most people, are unfamiliar with t Russia language and has an impression of Russia having cold weather. Mr. Valery Shantsev and Mr. Henry Lin mentioned that most officers in the Russian government can speak English. All experts from all over the world, includes Africa , China, and Taiwan, do not find weather to be a problem in causing inconvenience. So it’s welcome to develop business in Russia. Mr. Henry Lin added that Tronic will invite Mr. Valery Shantsev, the governor of Russia Nizhniy Novgorod region, to visit Taiwan in the future to promote relationship between Taiwan and Russia.


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