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  Tronic International performs and develops the semiconductor solution in developing semiconductor in Russian market.  

Russian semiconductor market has gained attention by various semiconductor manufacturers from Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and many other places. The SEMICON Russia was held in June this year. Tronic International, a Chinese business-led technology company, has the most prominent display space planning to perform and develop semiconductor solution in Russian market.

Russia has once used to be the world’s third largest leading powerful house in electronics, only after United States and Japan. However, after 1990, the national leader did not further advanced this industry leading to fallback.

For the restoration of world-class standards in the Russian electronics industry, last year Russian government released the national development plan for electronic components. The Russian government will invest 7.6 billion U.S. dollars by 2015. It is estimated that 0.13 microns chip will be produced during 2009 and 2010, 0.1 to 0.09 microns chip in 2011, and 0.045 microns chip in 2015.

Mr. Henry Lin, the chairman of Tronic, comes from Taiwan and has devoted to Russian Electrical market for over 15 years. He mentions that Tronic already has involved in Russian semiconductor market for long time and has set up branch offices in Russia and Taiwan to provide the technology consulting service in semiconductor industry, and has close relationship with Headquarter in Singapore in using its International trade business practice, and with over 30 years of proven technology expertise in Taiwan Semiconductor industry and professional manpower to open the Russian market.

According to Semi representatives, Semi Russia 2008 was held in world trading center in Russia and there are up to 198 companies attending the exhibition. There are approximately 1,400 registered visitors from 42 countries. Tronic International was one of the top sponsor and has the largest semi booth devoting to Russian semiconductor industry.

Mr. Charles Yang, the general manager of Tronic Taiwan Branch, mentions that during Semi period, there are over 30 potential customers exchanging cooperation news, which included FAB equipment requirement , photo mask design, chip design , process and product consulting, etc.


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