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  History of Tronic Group  
Tronic Group was established in late 1993 in Singapore. Our first activities were in the trading of electronic and IT products where we sourced from Asian countries and mainly sold to key markets in the CIS. To this end, we set up a representative office in Moscow, Russia in 1994 to spearhead our marketing efforts to penetrate these CIS markets.
In 1995, our Company was appointed as a distributor of computer parts and peripherals for principals such as Acer, Creative Technology and Gigabytes mainly in the CIS market.
In 1998, we set up a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to undertake marketing activities in Vietnam. Subsequent to this, we were appointed by principals such as Creative Technology and Yamaha as their authorized distributor for computer parts and peripherals in Vietnam. In that year, we closed our representative office in Russia due to the uncertainties that arose during the financial crisis. We then served our customers in Russia directly from Singapore.
In 1999, we went into product development and worked with a Russian company to engage in research and development activities, focusing on ultra mobile personal computers (UMPC). In that year, based on feedback from our business contacts in Russia, we also started exploring a new business of servicing in the semiconductor industry by supplying chip testing equipment to semiconductor customers and organizing training courses for their engineers. We secured our first order to supply chip testing equipment to a customer in Russia in 2001.
In 2003, AMD, a large CPU producer, launched its AMD OPTERON CPU product which provides more affordable access to supercomputer capability. In addition, the advent of the Linux open platform allowed open access to its source codes. This opened up the opportunity for cluster computing and enabled smaller companies to enter into the business of cluster computing. Tapping on our computing expertise, we capitalized on these opportunities and developed and marketed our TRONIX brand of High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) solutions to customers in Russia. We believe we were among the first to incorporate AMD’s 4-way OPTERON rack server into our HPCC products, which also incorporated built in PCI-Express BUS using a Hyper-Transport connection to GEIO board. Through these efforts, we successfully secured direct account status with AMD where they supplied CPUs directly to us and became a key customer of AMD OPTERON products in Russia. In that year, we incorporated a Malaysian subsidiary to expand our distribution into Malaysia.
In 2004, in our HPCC business, we worked with SMART MODULAR, a large memory module producer for HPCCs to build their memory modules into our HPCC products. In that year, we also launched our UMPC product range under our PMG brand, after which we secured our first orders the year after.
In 2005, the semiconductor market in Russia experienced an increased investment activity. Leveraging on our presence and experience in the semiconductor business and the Russia market, we secured our first FAB establishment project to establish a 6” FAB project in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, the third largest city in Russia.
To establish closer ties with the supply chain for our semiconductor business, we established a branch office in HsinChu, Taiwan ROC in 2006. In that year, we ceased our business of computer parts and peripherals to focus on semiconductor and HPCC businesses that offer higher profit margins.
In 2007, to maintain our strong position in the HPCC business, we introduced 1U Twin server using Intel’s Clovertown CPU and our “cluster in a box” solutions. In June 2007, we also incorporated a subsidiary in Moscow, Russia, to better position ourselves in exploring the full potential of the CIS market. In 2008, we also established IT BU under Taiwan Branch with a view to expand our HPCC and IT business in Taiwan and elsewhere. As at the Latest Practicable date, we have a presence in Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam.
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