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  Server Features  
TRONIX SuperServers are Your Best Choice!
6015 1U Twin Server


Tronix SuperServer Benefits:
Uncompromising Quality Control
Most Comprehensive Line of Rackmount/Tower Servers
Best Selection of High-End Servers – Itanium, Xeon & P4
Redundant components (virtually eliminating system downtime)
Best Price/Performance Ratio
Superior Product Design (all under one roof)
Consistently First-to-Market
Maximized Performance
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Top-Notch Finishing Materials
3-Year Limited Warranty
24-Hour server Support



These benefits combined with an excellent trackrecord have earned our OEM partner Supermicro a reputation as a true leader in the high-end PC/server industry. After all, Supermicro provides the most outstanding product line in the industry, ranging from single Pentium 4 and dual Xeon to quad Xeon MP and dual Itanium systems. Their proven high level of quality and performance has made SuperServers the platform of choice for supercomputer clusters and enterprise databases as well as business-critical, front-end server applications.


Tronix Superblade™


Tronix Superblade Benefits:
1.Up to 40 CPU’s(160 Processor Cores)
2.Best Density in the Industry
3.Highest Memory Expansion Capability in the industry
4.Fastest and Most Cost-Effective Networking Solution
5.High Efficiency Power for Earth-Friendly Operations
6.Outstanding Storage Flexibility
7.Peace of Mind via Remote Management
8.Unsurpassed TCO



Grid Backbone Switches
Voltaire Grid Director ISR 9096
Enterprise-Class InfiniBand Switching With Integrated SAN/LAN
Connectivity Delivers Superior Performance for HPC Clusters and Enterprise Grids


Tronix Grid Backbone Switches Benefits:
The Grids Director ISR 9096 is the industry’s highest performing intercoonect for medium-to –large high performance computing (HPC) clusters and enterprise grids. Designed with up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth for 96 ports in a 6U chassis, the solution is ideal for clusters and grids ranging in size from tens to hundreds of nodes. Featuring high performance and integrated SAN and LAN connectivity, the Grid Director ISR 9096 is an integral element of enterprise grids. Moreover , these same capabilities make the Grid Director ISR 9096 an excellent solution for industrial and scientific HPC clusters.



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