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  Facility Construction Services  
Tronic Group provides the best service to meet customer request and cost effective solutions to Facility systems construction in semiconductor, LCD, Solar cell and Biomedicine industries, based on our experience in Taiwan. We have the expert support teams to offer you different request in Cleanroom System, Heating Ventilation Air Condition System, Bulk & Special Gas System, CDA/BA System, Chemical Dispense System, Ultrapure Water System, Drain Collection & Waste Water Treatment Systems, PCW system, UPS& DUPS systems, Facility Monitor Control Systems, Process Vacuum & House Vacuum System, Exhaust System, CCTV , Hookup Construction. The high quality  is not only  to meet our customers’ needs, but also with fast construction to achieve a significant  cost-saving for our customers.
Clean Room System   Ultrapure Water System  
Bulk & Special Gas, CDA, BA Systems Waste Water Treatment System  
Exhaust Systems   Chemical Dispense System  
Vacuum Systems      

Clean Room System
High-tech products demand high-quality manufacturing environment. Tronic has been devoted to supplying the semiconductor industry, medical industry and fine industrial manufacturers with  a dust and bacteria free working environment with the cleanrooms of class 1~100,000 that are produced under highly stringent leveled manufacturing environments and operational, according to various special-needs, or external environment, and is designed to meet customer needs at a reasonable cost. Tronic also has the professional skills to provide plan design, construction, test, urgency repair, monitoring, and maintenance.  

Bulk & Special Gas, CDA, BA Systems

Tronic has impressive project experience in the gas industry. We offer a full range of services for the gas industry throughout the planning, engineering, construction, and commissioning stages, consisting of high quality of the Bulk & Safely Special Gas、CDA、BA Systems. During the planning stage we perform arrangement of the factory buildings & investigation、conceptual & preliminary designs、feasibility studies. At the engineering stage, we offer engineering & detailed design, material & equipment selection and equipment supply. Throughout the construction and commissioning stage ,we offer installation, construction, startup, testing and commissioning services.  

Chemical Dispense Systems

Chemical dispense system was designed to be a very safe and reliable system offering high level of transparency, stability, upgradeability, automation and ecological design. Since organic chemical vapor is being released to the air during chemical dispense , Tronic strictly follows the design guidelines for the prevention of explosion. Our dispense system offers high level of protection by having two layers of chemical leakage detection and monitoring systems. All this guarantee high quality and safety for all users of CDS.  

Ultra Pure Water System

With its ultra-pure water production technology, Tronic has satisfied the needs of a variety of industries relating to waste water treatment, the recovery of valuable substances, environmental protection, etc. These industries business fields are wide-ranging and include semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, etc. Tronic basic business policy is to provide a water treatment system that uniquely meet our customers needs. Our well-experienced staff will determine those needs and propose the best system.  

Waste Water Treatment System

Tronic provide customers the total solution of waster water treatment system. Based on our experienced engineering technique, from the first beginning we work with our customers to offer the best and the most economical service. During every stage of work, from propose stage through design, engineering, installation and commissioning to after service, have fully computerized and standardized. Thus, Tronic precisely control the quality, and takes the fully responsibility to our customers under the turnkey basis.  

Exhaust Systems

Tronic provide designed、assemble、inspection、installed exhaust ducting system to customers. We are able to provide standard and custom-made ducting products and fittings in various sizes and specification to meet the customer’s demand, consisting of general exhaust 、acid exhaust 、alkali exhaust、VOC abatement system.  

Process / House Vacuum Systems
Medicine、petroleum、chemical industry、microelectronics、semiconductor industry with relevant daily life , depend on the application of the vacuum technique in order to meet the requirement of high quality and high accuracy. Tronic depend on every industry different of demand ,provide customers the total solution of process、house vacuum systems.  

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